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Thirty days hath November, and that’s just enough time try a few random acts of kindness to deepen your gratitude this season (staying socially distant of course!). Challenge yourself to practice one a day for the whole month or do it as opportunities present themselves. Either way, you and the people in your life are going to benefit. November is the month for gratitude and giving so let’s go out there and show kindness!

30 Days of Gratitude: Boost your mental health & make a difference

Now we know that practicing gratitude benefits you, just as much as those around you, with potential personal perks like:

Of course, gratitude also enhances the lives of the ones you express it to. Studies show that when you thank coworkers more often, for example, you might be giving them the gifts of fewer headaches, balanced eating, and deeper sleep. No matter how or who you choose to show your appreciation to, you really can’t lose.

Here are 30 random acts of kindness — for the 30 days of November — that can last you through Thanksgiving:

This season, we’re giving thanks for you

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